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I believe that everyone has a superpower. Mine is the ability to drive a stick shift car while eating a sandwich, without spilling anything. I can also throw a Frisbee pretty well.

I work as a trainer and I own a box. Like everyone, I enjoy the fun parts of my job, which are teaching people about their bodies and how to achieve things they didn't think they could do. I love coaching people, and I'm deeply attached to the success of my clients. Of course, their are downsides to my job (cleaning the bathroom, telling the kids to stay off of the equipment, etc.). In any case, it's way better than the 15 years I spent in a corporate job (mostly IT, some HR). I think that I was meant to do my own thing.

I enjoy music, A LOT. I took a trip with a friend and he poked fun at me for bringing my laptop into the bathroom so I could listen to iTunes in the shower. He's obviously has never heard Toto's 'Africa'. Have you EVER turned that song off? I haven't.. I play the bass and guitar and even (ahem) sing a little bit. I spent a good chunk of my twenties playing in bar bands and look forward to getting that part of my life restarted.

I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. They're nuts, but I guess that's normal. I like to read and I cook for my kids all of the time. We spend a lot of time together and I couldn't imagine a world where I wasn't an active everyday part of their lives. I'm trying to raise them to enjoy life and to be passionate and to do what their heart tells them to do. They're great.

I'm looking for someone who 1) is fun to talk to, 2) isn't too stuck on themselves and 3) will occasionally eat chicken wings with me. Bonus points if she gets bleu cheese and not ranch. Seriously though - I'm looking for a good friend and maybe down the road start to get into something that looks more like a relationship. I'd like someone that can 'get' my crazy humor, be pragmatic and practical, love music, and be feminine. If you're a mom, be a fantastic mother for me to respect. Being a passionate person is always attractive.

Anyway, here's a virtual 'I love you, Man!' for reading my profile. And a high five. Now, go and do something EPIC! And message me when you're done.

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